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For those who are new to loudspeaker and subwoofer building, take a look at our recommended hifi audio drivers. Highefficiency speakers for many years, line magnetic has been recognized worldwide as a specialist in repair and production of western electric, altec, jensen, and other replicas of loudspeakers and electronics. Line magnetic 218ia vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier. Paul kittinger has worked with philharmonic audio and salk sound on their mltl transmission line designs. A unique, fullrange loudspeaker that reproduces music as accurately as possible for highend, single transducer systems without cross. The lm single drivers are smooth and coherent and sounded far better than any other such speaker at taves.

These gorgeously crafted loudspeakers owe their pedigree to vintage western electric cabinets and the venerable we 755a drivers but the lms use a field coil, not alnico magnets. Some of the best loudspeakers are made by this small. We designed the crossover for this one and paul did the rest. Get the best deals on western electric vintage speakers when you shop the largest online selection at. Line magnetic, from research was establish in zhuhai, china in 2005 by brothers zheng cai and zheng xi. The whetstones often referred to simply as the stones are a filtered singledriver monitor design that began life during my senior year at purdue as a thought experiment into an idealized singledriver loudspeaker design. Line magnetic audio lm210ia integrated tube amplifier a. Line magnetic lm210ia class a 300b integrated vacuum tube. Line magnetic 218ia vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier a single ended triode integrated amplifier for everyone. Their field coil drivers have a power supply that uses 300bs to power the magnets. We sell raw speaker drivers tweeters, woofers, subwoofer, midrange drivers, full range drivers, speaker kits, amplifiers, capacitors, resistors, and inductors. Loudspeaker repairs these companies or individuals will repare all or most generic dynamic loudspeakers that is usually both the loudspakers drivers themeselves and the boxes in addition to refoaming replacing the rotted foam suspension of the driver, however this does in most cases not include reconeing which is a specialised trade and repairs of electrostatic loudspekers and other.

These people use wide range drivers with very lightweight cones, reaching well up above 10 khz, making the need for tweeters questionable. Their production line compasses dac, tube cdps amongst standby models designated to integrate one system brand synergy. Line magnetic audio lm210ia integrated tube amplifier a 300b integrated amplifier with true dynamics and attack. A loudspeaker driver is an electromechanical device that converts electrical waves music is more than impulses into mechanical vibrations which in turn produces audible soundwaves. Line magnetic began by repairing drivers and other products once made by thenow defunct western electric company. May 15, 2014 line magnetic audio is based in zhuhai,guangdong province, china, where it was founded in 2003 by zheng xi, an engineer with 20 years of experience in audio electronics, some of it with cayin audio. A loudspeaker system without a properly designed crossover or none at all can cause too much frequency overlap between drivers which can increase distortion and degrade overall sound quality. Line magnetic audio reproduces this speaker and builds on its virtues by using a field coil topology instead of a fixed magnet.

This page describe a single driver, transmission line t line loudspeaker enclosure for the jordan jx92s fullrange driver. Line magnetic audio 216ia integrated amplifier tube. It uses a single 300b triode tube per channel as a driver stage for its single. Doityourself diy speaker and subwoofer projects and kits. The company line magnetic was founded in 2005 by two brothers, both audiophiles passionate about electronic tubes and notably the legendary american achievements of the 50s. The cube bliss c is one of the best single driver speakers ive heard.

While singledriver filterless designs remain something of a fringe element in hifi, they are still highly sought. The subwoofers have dual scanspeak 23w aluminum cone drivers. John recognised that using field coil drivers in his speakers would bring a greater sense of. Tube electronics, cd players, classic horns, classis field coil speakers, dacs, a lot of. Since the voice coil, sitting in a magnetic field is the system that essentially converts electrical energy into movement, we call it the loudspeaker drivers motor. Its carefully considered specification means that it works well in a sealed bookshelf enclosure such as the bbc ls35a cabinet above. Line magnetic audio lm210ia integrated tube amplifier. Big magnetic motor and unique design makes it an amazing choice. Cube audio nenuphar single driver speaker 10 inch tqwt. For high fidelity reproduction of sound, multiple loudspeakers are often mounted in. The pensil is a mass loaded transmission line, basically just a box with a slot at the bottom. The lm812 speakers have a yield of 102db and develop a power 2x40w under 8. Queenway fa6 full range speaker driver hifi alnico magnetic full range. Single ended triode amp and a bargain even at full retail.

A speaker driver is an individual loudspeaker transducer that converts an electrical audio signal to sound waves. These parameters are the purported areas of strength of a single driver speaker. It was at this event on monday night that i first saw and heard the lm755i speakers in their beautifully crafted wooden cabinet of line magnetic audios own making. This is to define the best operating range for any joe driver. Line magnetic audio is a brand of high end products founded in 2005. Back in the 1990s, there was an explosion of interest in single ended triode set amplification. Single driver speakers proudly made in the usa omega speaker systems offers a full line of single driver loudspeakers, each personally designed and hand built in norwalk connecticut. Line tube magnetic amplifier analog sound lm 755 full range. Loudspeakers by audience for your high quality audio system. Delve deeper and youll find doing single drivers right presents one of audios most diffic. Line magnetic lm503pa vacuum tube 300b 845 single ended class a dual monoblock power amplifier 100% brand new the price is for a pair of line magnetic lm503pa monoblock audio power amplifier. If you have a nostalgic look to your home decor, these vintage components may fit in well with your home theater system. The line magnetic lm518ia integrated amplifier is such a product.

Nobody asks how much ferrari engines cost to manufacture and the same logic should apply to bespoke loudspeaker drivers and highquality iron used in output transformers in power amplifiers. Review by gary pearce in the heady world of tube amplification, no tube is held in higher regard than the ubiquitous 300b triode. Fullrange single driver loudspeakers just sound more natural and reproduce the midrange in a way that connects you with the music. Common loudspeaker driver types and the audio frequencies they reproduce. R2r audio, ltd single driver, open baffle loudspeakers, rmaf. And like shindo, line magnetic offers loudspeakers that call upon the past. Line magnetic 300b lm210 fully modded, rewired to we91a circuit speakers using line magnetic 22a metal horn, we555 field coil compression. At the other extreme, the eikona can be used in arrays in a transmission line enclosure capable of reaching the lowest musical bass notes.

For sound from a single loudspeaker, this means that the basstreble balance will become more prominent in bass as you move further offaxis. Where longevity and low cost are more important, ferrite magnets are always considered. Carver als line source loudspeaker system the absolute sound. Paiyon p6 passive bookshelf speaker vifa driver loudspeaker. A gallery of customers who have built their own speakers from our kit designs. The example of a small loudspeaker shows that high frequencies from loudspeakers are typically more directional than low frequencies. So i thought it could be interesting to build a pair of pensil 11 speakers with alpair 11ms drivers from kjf audio. The location of the shorting rings determines their effect. The salient virtues of line magnetic products are availability the originals have either rotted, or traveled to the far east, functionality they were built this year and affordability. Our classic series are really the firstand onlytrue fullrange speakers, as the sound comes from a single conenot two, as when a whizzer cone is used. Again, building the speakers was a pleasure and i was even more pleased when i listened to them.

They make reproductions of the western electric drivers. Eight watts per channel, single ended design, pure class a integrated stereo amplifier with 300b output power tubes. Leben, unison research, and line magnetic tube amplifiers, replied. The most common type of driver, commonly called a dynamic loudspeaker, uses a lightweight diaphragm, or cone, connected to a rigid basket, or frame, via a flexible suspension, commonly called a spider, that constrains a voice coil to move axially through a cylindrical magnetic gap. Near the bottom of this page are the older speaker projects that use drivers which are dnow iscontinued. People are paying more than the cost of the als for little twoways that offer nothing much except offtheshelf drivers in supposedly exotic cabinets. But whizzer cone fullrange speakers are still much better than multi driver speakers with a crossover. Recent improvements in remanence, br, with the latest high performance ferrite grades have allowed for some increase in magnetic field output from these ceramic magnets. The jordan eikona fullrange drive unit is suitable for a variety of loudspeaker enclosure designs. Delve deeper and youll find doing singledrivers right presents one of audios most diffic.

The unique, contemporary curved design provides a stylish look with plenty of versatility. An audio signal source such as a microphone or recording produces an electrical image of the sound. At the heart of every personal audio project lives someone who craves a meaningful experience only music can provide. Youll learn the difference between loudspeaker types, see how a loudspeaker fits into a complete audio system, figure out the best loudspeaker for your needs, and learn how. Line magnetic audio lm210ia integrated tube amplifier a 300b. With his lean and elegant design it perfectly fits into the home environment, while delivering tonal results which one will only find with the best fullrange drivers. Jbls constant curvature array design does that and more. The result is the lma 755i which is 92db efficient at 8 ohms. Diy fullrange speaker kits high efficiency speaker audio. I chose four octaves plus one octave for the distortionrolloff range. Make offer western electric us navy rc7 receiver horn driver speaker d173246 rare anchor.

No, the bass does not go as deep as some full range speakers, but what little they lack in going really deep they make up in power, scales, and. Now a company called line magnetic audio has begun to. An easy entry to single driver is available at madisound. Line magnetic lm503pa dual monoblock power amplifier come with tube cage covers. I am not attracted to giant robots very large loudspeakers or alien monoliths. While the term is sometimes used interchangeably with the term loudspeaker speaker, it is usually applied to specialized transducers which reproduce only a portion of the audible frequency range. Sep 06, 2005 so, imho, single driver loudspeakers almost always loose dynamics and corrupt the highs. Now it has become well known with its series reproduction of music and regarded as a forerunner in presenting innovative products with cutting edge technology and lasting intrinsic value. Some of the best loudspeakers are made by this small american. Some of them are quite old, like the jensen m10 dynamic cone driver, western electric 555 compression driver, and others are modern drivers, like the feastrix cone driver and the lowther modified by dave slagle. The line magnetic range is made up of amplifiers, sources and speakers. Diy speakers and subwoofer projects and kits loudspeaker. Line magnetic lm210ia 300b tube integrated amplifier.

Line magnetic lm222 12 hifi monitor horn coaxial speakers. Here the most modern loudspeakers have single coil drives, with dual coil is simply a two layer coil, which is then separated one magnet placed inside the voice coil. From multi driver with crossover design to a single driver crossoverless design. The nenuphar is the first really fullrange loudspeaker available.

The enclosures are easy to build and inexpensive using 34 plywood. Delve deeper and youll find doing singledrivers right presents one of. Sep 03, 2019 audio alto aa r101 fr single driver loudspeaker. Some loudspeakers, called twoway, threeway, or even fourway systems, include more than one driver in a single speaker cabinet.

A protective cap glued in the cones center prevents dust. Like my teresonic ingenium xrs the bass is very satisfying and incredibly powerful for a single driver speaker. Nov 04, 2015 single driver open baffle speakers demo duration. The size of the diaphragm will determine the bandwidth in which the loudspeaker will be most efficient at reproducing sound. All tube integrated with 12ax7 input tubes, 310a driver tubes and 300b output tubes. The line magnetic 210ia is quite an achievement in terms of sound quality and aesthetics, certainly the brooding. Within this genre single driver there is a hierarchy of quality and implementation. Audio alto aa r101 fr singledriver loudspeaker whats best. A wide variety of single driver loudspeaker options are available to you, such as use, channels, and special feature. I have a pair of bose 201 series iv and it looks like a fostex fe166e full range speaker can replace the bose woofer and just disconnect the bose tweeter. The vrx waveguide mounts three compression drivers on a continuous arc enabling them to work together acoustically as if they were a single driver, while dramatically increasing the power handling and acoustic output when compared to a single driver system.

I carried this line of thought into the speaker itself and realized that many single driver loudspeakers are also adding euphonic distortion to the system output, due to cone breakup and another phenomenon called cone cry by which dryfiber paper cones add additional selfnoise to the audible output as their fibers rub against each other. These loudspeakers can be small enough to fit on a bookshelf or large enough to sit on the ground, looking similar to furniture. Highefficiency speakers for many years, line magnetic has been recognized worldwide as a specialist in repair and production of western electric, altec, jensen, and other replicas of loudspeakers. On the surface, single driver loudspeakers can be as simple as their name. A 70v100v transformer and outdoor capability make control crv ideal for a wide variety of commercial applications. Free support for loudspeaker projects, sourcing oem speaker building supplies, and passive crossover design. Single magnet coaxial loudspeaker having two air gaps on both sides of its faces, front gap of larger diameter for low frequency voicecoil and the opposite gap accommodating compression driver voicecoil. Line magnetic 219ia with klipsch heresy iii single ended triode at its finest. Omega speaker systems is a bespoke manufacturer of singledriver. I also think the line magnetic is tonally just a better match for my merlins the leben sounded a bit lean on the merlins, but fantastic on the dynaudios.

More than any other component in a high performance audio system, your loudspeaker choice will influence the ultimate quality of the sound you hear. Line magnetic lm217ia 300b class a singleend tube amplifier. Home paiyon hifi audio speaker paiyon p6 passive bookshelf speaker vifa driver loudspeaker hifi. The line magnetic range is made up of amplifiers, sources and speakers, whose lineage with many legendary products is evident. Of course, it isnt a motor that causes something to spin but it does cause something to move. Cheap amplifier, buy directly from china suppliers.

Alnico loudspeakers were used in some of the earlier permanent magnet drivers. With a total height of 35 inches and 16 x 20 inches in width and depth. The markaudio alpair 7 mounted in a recommended pensil enclosure can provide a peek at the potential of single driver systems. Yet to find, buy, or install those speakers may not be as easy as one might wish. Vintage speakers can go well with a variety of home audio systems. I would probably have guessed it to be a small, multi driver floorstander. Single driver systems diy loudspeaker projects troels gravesen. Is there any advantage using a single full range driver rather than a two way speaker box. With a heights of just 90 cm the 755 is the piccolo in our speaker product line. Vrx series constant curvature line jbl professional. That someone deserves an experience unmarred by mechanical imperfections and acoustic inconsistencies. Manufacturing of a jean maurer loudspeaker duration. Omega speaker systems wouldnt be the first loudspeaker company to use oem offtheshelf drivers, and its experience in that regard convinced chochos that he needed to design and build his own.

The jbl hartfield speaker, which was discontinued in the 1960s, was the main thrust behind his motivation to build speakers combining aesthetic elegance with exceptional sound. I have heard a number of speakers with fieldcoil drivers, both cone speakers and compression drivers, and msot of them have been very good. Since the voice coil, sitting in a magnetic field is the system that essentially converts electrical energy into movement, we call it the loudspeaker driver s motor. This was spearheaded by two great japanese designers, hiroyasu kondo of audio note and nobu shishido. Fullrange single driver designs did you realise that as well as the cabinets that we provide for our own kit designs, our cabinetmaker can also produce individually designed oneoff loudspeaker cabinets.

Its a single driver system using lmas replica of the famous western electric 755a drivers down to their hammertone paint finish. Of course, it isnt a motor that causes something to spin. Whether you are considering your first system or you are an experienced audiophile, the right loudspeaker will open a doorway into all the power, emotion and realism your music has to offer. Looking for high efficiency speakers on the web, we find the single driver aficionados. The cabinets are adapted to the parameters for the permanent magnetic driver lm 755alnico. Dynamic loudspeaker principle a currentcarrying wire in a magnetic field experiences a magnetic force perpendicular to the wire. The handsome cabinet is constructed of solid cherry wood and exudes a quality and craftsmanship as expected from auditorium 23 loudspeakers.

The diaphragm aka cone or dome the actual physical surface area of the driver that moves up and down from the voice coil interaction with the permanent magnet, thus producing sound by compressing and rarefying air, thus creating sound waves. For a married individual like myself, the most important factors that affect the design and performance of a hifi audio system are in decreasing order of importance. Dayton audio rs1004 4 reference fullrange driver 4ohm to conclude our list of the best fullrange speakers out there for any musician, weve chosen on the most popular and highly rated fullrange speakers that promise to give you all the function and features youll have been looking for in one affordable unit. They are a single driver speaker from line magnetic, the 755ex field coil with a matching set of wpr3 power supplies, 300b tube driven. Even omegas least expensive single driver loudspeaker delivers an ultra high level of sonic coherence and musical purity. A transmission line loudspeaker is a loudspeaker enclosure design which uses an acoustic transmission line within the cabinet, compared to the simpler enclosures used by. An example of an audiophilecaliber, single driver speaker is the volti audio veretta. Their board product range includes reproductions of highend west electric topologies and proprietary designs. Without the loudspeaker crossover, a loudspeaker driver such as a tweeter can be overdriven which can lead to distortion and eventual failure. Line magnetic audio 216ia integrated amplifier tube by psyopwak looking for a new amp or preamp. Loudspeaker basics gives you just enough information to help you make smart decisions or at least sound smartbut not enough of the technical stuff to bore you. Oct 05, 2012 but there really are good single driver speakers, however, fans often have to seek them out, as they are not as popular as multi driver speakers that pervade the hifi scene.

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