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Maximum of 6 tickets can be booked by an individual user. Offers online rail ticket booking, and checking of ticket reservation status. The new set of rules, which include a multitude of options such as booking tickets 120 days in advance and aadhaar integration were announced by railways mos rajen gohain in his written reply to the lok sabha, reported the. Go to the my transactions tab and click the booked ticket history tab, in which you would see your booked ticket. Irctc officials said passengers can continue to book up to six tickets a month without validating their aadhaar. Last way of pnr status check is by just visiting to nearest station and checking in pnr status machine. However, the existing condition will continue wherein these booking will be.

So first, lets start with a ticket booked online, via the irctc website. Aadhaarverified passengers can now book 12 tickets on irctc. Live chat with irctc support support regarding pnr,ticket availability. Fulfilling the promise made by the service provider initially is the primary expectation of the customer. From the current maximum of 10 tickets per user per month, the government has reduced the maximum number to 6 tickets per user per month. How many passenger tickets can be booked on irctc at a. Welcome to indian railway passenger reservation enquiry.

Well tatkal is likely one of the most effective railway. An individual user can book a maximum of six tickets in a calendar month. So, maximum of 36 passengers can be booked in a month from irctc person. A maximum of two tickets can be booked from one id during 810am. How to print irctc train eticket using pnr number irctc.

Live chat with irctc support support regarding pnr,ticket. Under the new provisions a maximum of six tickets can be booked online by an individual user in a month on irctc website. I booked four tickets to secunderabad to shiridi tiket was not booked and payment was dectected irctc i booked an eticket tatkal reservation from secunderabad to shiridi on 06feb2014. In case of tickets booked through internet, no concession is permitted except senior. Click on book now,select passengers and boost booking. This will replace the existing system under which a maximum of 10 tickets can be booked online through irctc website in a month by an individual. Irctc money deducted but ticket is not booked, page 7. The subsequent page will give you the choice of trains along with their departure and arrival timings and. In the browser toolbar look for irctc tatkal plus icon. Maximum of 6 tickets only per user per month on irctc from. Itinerary of at least one segment, which must be the same for all passengers listed.

A maximum of 6 tickets can be booked online in a month. Currently, a user can book a maximum of 10 tickets online in a month. Will get the email to the mail id you are provided in the irctc says the total fare taken for the ticket and the berth position of your ticket. What is the maximum number of train seats i can book. Railway ministry on thursday announced a new rule for booking of online tickets through the irctc website, further reducing the maximum number. Irctc is meeting the expectations of the passengers by providing security, safe travel, affordable prices along with packages, number tourist destinations, more services during peak season.

Under the new rule, which will come into effect from february 15, 2016, a maximum of six tickets can be booked online by an individual user in a month using the irctc website. A maximum of six tickets a month can be booked by a user from one user id. Agents will not be able to book multiple tickets, neither. Now you cant book more than six tickets in a month. Go to the irctc next generation eticketing system website and log into your account. If the number goes beyond six, the aadhaar number of the user and one of the passengers should be updated in the irctc portal, an official explained. Now at the time of booking to get maximum booking speed recharge your mobile with small 3g4g packs and make sure that you are getting sufficient network coverage. Then you can again book 4 more tickets because an individual user can book a.

Individuals are allowed only two tickets per userid in a day from 8 am to 10 am. The indian railway catering and tourism corporation irctc has launched a slew of new rules to aid passengers booking tickets on its online portal. Irctc allows maximum of 6 tickets to be booked in a calendar month from person id. In that case you can generate 6 pnr per month if you. Now, tickets can be booked up to 120 days in advance and an aadhaarverified user can book 12 tickets. Tatkal reservation opens at exact 10 am for example if train is leaving on 25th aug 2014 then tatkal reservation will be opened at 10 am on 24th aug 2014. Indian railway catering and tourism corporations irctc eticketing website was able to book 5. Train ticket booking irctc indian railway reservation. Irctc, irctc ticket reservation, train ticket booking. Irctc restricts ticket booking to six per month the hindu. Irctc ticket booking use irctc login for train ticket booking.

The number of tickets booked has grown consistently over the last 5 years. Irctc tatkal ticket book tatkal ticket using chromefirefox. This menu item will open irctc website and will book ticket using plan 1. Photo identity cards having serial number issued by public sector undertaking of statecentral government, district administration, municipal bodies and penchant administration. Britains largest bird of prey, whitetailed eagle, returns home after 240 years.

Rail tour package 6 pax bharat darshan 8 pax holiday package 10 pax group booking pax limit subject to availability. The revised rules for booking ticket through irctc are as follows. Maximum number of bookings are 10month the complete list is here. Well the question is how many rail tickets will be booked through irctc if your aadhaar is not verified, then, you can book 46 tickets limiting to 6tickets of adults and 2 child tickets per pnr. How many rail tickets can be booked per day through irctc. Irctc officials said passengers can continue to book up to six tickets a month without validating their aadhaar cards. Thus it is reasonable to assume that maximum four passengers can be booked under a single premium tatkal ticket too. Now, they are using a special software to get maximum number of railway etickets from the irctc web. Eticket eticket refers to a railway reservation booked on this website, for the. What is the maximum number of irctc train tickets one can book at a time.

Do i have to register with irctc to make a reservation. Users with verified irctc accounts can book a maximum of 6 tickets each with a. You can contact your local overnite express courier office, produce proof of identity along with transaction id and pnr number and. Includes train schedules, availability of tickets, and a travel planner. Maximum of six tickets a month can be booked by a user from one user id a passenger can make advance reservations online through the irctc portal. The maximum number of passengers that can be booked are given below, which is subject to berth blocking in. However, there are some time windows where bookings can be done only through irctc. This is borne out by the fact that booking screen has only 4 entries when choosing a premium tatkal option. The sms ticket contains details about your journey such as the name of the ticket holder, pnr number, current status of the ticket whether it is.

On one booking, maximum 6 tickets for people above 5 years of age. The indian railways, worlds fourth largest railway network, has brought. Load the pages till it show the seat availability and click back,this is done to load pages faster. How to send again ticket sms to your mobile which was deleted by mistake. Irctc has a limit on the number of tickets that you can book per month, and that is 10. Irctc indian railways ticket booking rules timings charges. The new rules also aim to strengthen the system to fight the misuse of the facilities irctc provides.

Its showing transsaction reference number protected igq7045849 transfer to protected sbi i. Agents rtsasweb service agentsweb agents of irctc are restricted from. The maximum number of passengers that can be booked are given below, which is subject to berth blocking in the respective package class. Once your railway eticket is successfully booked you need to carry out the print of indian railway train ticket or you can also show the sms to the traveling ticket examiner tte sending by irctc. Tatkal tickets can be booked through internet via irctc website or through more than 10,000 counters at 3,465 computerised passenger reservation centers as well as through internet. Currently, the following restrictions are put in place to prevent misuse of irctc by touts and fake agents. A maximum of two tickets can be booked from one id during 810 am. And maximum 10 tickets booked in an individual account. This change will be effective from 15 th february, 2016. Six tickets can be booked monthly from one user id, and 12 if the user is aadhaarverified. Indian railways has increased the monthly cap on tickets booked on the irctc portal from six to 12 for aadhaarverified passengers, officials. Here are the new rules and guidelines for online ticket booking and refund unveiled by irctc. In the railway platform, there will be one or more selfoperated machine for checking irctc pnr status. Indian railway catering and tourism limited irctc doesnt allow to book more than six tickets in a month.

Agents are allowed to book tickets between 8 am and 8. Alternatively you can track you ticket by entering the pnr number in the track your ticket page provided on the. A maximum of six berthsseats can be booked at a time for a specified. The touts involved in the blackmarketing of the railway tickets have become techsavvy. This menu item will open a form where you need to fill all the details. Irctc has new rules to smoothen online ticket reservation. If the ticket is not booked then that information you will get from the menu booked ticket history in the in site home page.

When people are paying for their tickets, i do not understand why anyone should limit the number of tickets to 10 per month. After pressing the buy button, if the ticket reservation output page is not. Booking can be done against general gn, ladies ld and tatkal ck quota berthsseats only. A maximum of six berthsseats can be booked at a time, for a specified journey between any two stations served by the train, subject to distance restrictions in force. The indian railways irctc website opens up for prepare tatkal reservations at 10 am each day, but the tickets get booked inside minutes and most of persons are not in a position to book tickets irctc provides you a message in your mobile phone instantaneously when buying rail tickets online and also ship you an email. Individuals are allowed only two tickets per userid in a day for tatkal booking. Tatkal tickets can be booked a day before travel, starting 10 am for ac coaches and 11 am for sleeper class.

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