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Access to highquality, affordable sexual and reproductive health. Crucial to the success of family planning efforts worldwide is a welleducated and trained health workforce, and for whom, this new edition of family planning. This document is part of the process for improving the quality of care in family planning. Medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use 5th ed. Family planning is considered a development best buy and a lifesaving intervention for millions of women and girls. While this handbook covers many topics, 4 overall themes emerge. Evidencebased and concise, this handbook is the musthave resource for all practitioners, trainees, and students in sexual and reproductive healthcare. Such services should be part of a family planning program offering a range of contraceptive methods. The oxford handbook of reproductive medicine and family planning pdf, second edition provides essential practical information in the care of the adolescent and reproductive age females and males. A handbook for providers is now available in spanish.

The state rules that apply most specifically to family planning services in texas are found in the texas administrative code tac, title 1, part 15, chapter 382, subchapter b. Myths, misconceptions still discourage use of family planning. In europe, this figure is 80 percent, while in the. An australian clinical practice handbook is coauthored by medical experts from family planning nsw, family planning victoria and true relationships and reproductive health. Family planning is central to gender equality and womens empowerment, and it is a key factor in reducing poverty. Implementation guide for the medical eligibility criteria and selected practice recommendations for contraceptive use guidelines. There is no delay in returning to fertility after a. The handbook, now in its fourth edition, provides up to date, accurate information on all available contraceptive methods and related clinical practice for healthcare professionals. A global handbook for providers, evidencebased guidance developed through worldwide collaboration, 2018 update baltimore and geneva. The guide is designed to actively involve the participants in the learning process. A global handbook for providers, commonly known as the fp global handbook has been published today.

Quality improvement handbook a guali tym epropvape nri pimtymdopvi yt hiobnr comi sk1nid1 1 about this handbook the quality improvement handbook is a guide to enhancing the performance of health care systems using evidencebased models derived from improvement science. Womens health family planningreproductive health program handbook a handbook for program assessment, operation, development, and improvement of comprehensive communitybased womens health, family planning, and reproductive health services in wisconsin within a maternal and child mch framework. Purpose of this tool this flipchart is a tool to use during family planning counselling or in group sessions with clients. Developed collaboratively for clinicbased healthcare providers in developing countries, the global handbook offers the latest guidance on providing contraceptive methods. The friend has been on family planning for many years, and talks abut the benefits she has experienced. Beginning with the wider context of family planning programme management, promotion and counselling for family planning, you will move on to focus in detail on the different types of contraceptive methods, and finally touch briefly on the issue of male and female infertility. This programming strategies for postpartum family planning document was prepared to.

There have been a number of other important developments, too, concerning family planning methods. All providers are required to read and comply with section 1. Federal democratic republic of ethiopia ministry of health. Family planning unfpa united nations population fund.

Contraceptive eligibility for women at high risk of hiv. The publishers welcome requests to translate, adapt, reprint, or otherwise reproduce the material in family planning. If you are a woman of reproductive age, there is a 64 percent chance that you use some form of contraception. Some of the sessions and activities were taken from the handbook and draft training guide. We work with people of any gender, age, nationality or sexual orientation. In this module, you will learn about family planning in detail. A global handbook for providers first appeared in 2007. Updated and expanded guidance for family planning providers worldwide third edition of the family planning global handbook now available. Primarily intended for program managers and technical staff members of fhi 360. This handbook aims to support and promote optimal clinical practice by providing general practitioners gps, nurses and other health care practitioners with evidencebase consensus recommendations on a variety of issues related to reproductive and sexual health. The handbook provides information about texas medicaids benefits, policies, and procedures that are applicable to these service providers. The knowledge for health project at johns hopkins center for. A global handbook for providers, offers technical information to help health care providers deliver family planning methods appropriately and effectively.

Handbook of indicators for family planning program evaluation. A global handbook for providers offers clinicbased health care professionals in low and middleincome countries the latest guidance on providing contraceptive methods. Young mother with children at nyamebekyere clinic in ghana. When unmet need for family planning is measured in a comparable way at different dates, the trend indicates whether there has been progress towards meeting womens needs for family planning. A guide to family planning for community health workers and their clients adapted from the whos decisionmaking tool for family planning clients and providers. Specifically, it is one of two evidencebased cornerstones guidance documents of the world health organizations whos initiative to develop and implement family planning guidelines for national programmes. Training manual on reproductive health counselling. A global handbook for providers was first published in 2007, the world health organization has issued new or revised guidance on specific aspects of contraceptive choice and use. A global handbook for providers how to obtain more copies the knowledge for health project at johns hopkins center for communication programs offers copies of family planning. The 2018 edition of the handbook includes new who recommendations that. Yet in developing regions, an estimated 232 million women who want to avoid pregnancy are not using safe and effective family planning methods, for reasons ranging from lack of access to information or. Family planning manual december 2019 prevention and community health doh 930122, revision 201901 for people with disabilities, this document is available on.

Programming strategies for postpartum family planning. At our clinics we can help with contraception, sti testing and treatment, cervical screening, pregnancy testing, abortion referrals, pms and menopause, hpv vaccinations, and advice and support for other sexual and reproductive health issues. Family planning is achieved through the use of contraceptive methods and the treatment of infertility inability to have children planning when and how many children to have is the couples responsibility, not just the mans or womans family planning is just as important for newly married couples as it is for those who already have. It can help family planning providers to assist clients choosing a family planning method, to support effective use, and to solve clients problems. Guidance statement recommendations on contraceptive methods used by women at high risk of hiv. Planning handbook facilitator guidelines for conducting a planning workshop counselling cards from caring for the newborn in the community family counselling cards from caring for the childs healthy growth and development 2. Womens health and family planningreproductive health. How to use whos family planning guidelines and tools. The provision of family planning services is an investment with clear returns for individuals, families, and countries. It incorporates and reflects the medical eligibility criteria and the selected practice recommendations as well as other who guidance. Family planning a global handbook for providers who. Oxford handbook of reproductive medicine and family.

Updated global family planning handbook now available. Global handbook who guidelines and tools the medical eligibility criteria wheel reproductive choices and family planning for people with hiv cire guide to family planning for health care providers and new their clients 4th edition just published. Services will be available for sexually active young people through youth promoters and adolescent friendly services. A global handbook for providers offers clinicbased health care. Who updated and expanded guidance for family planning. Who appreciates the contributions of the many people, named in the acknowledgements, who supported the updating and expanding this edition of the handbook. For more updated indicators on family planning and reproductive health, please refer to the online family planning and reproductive health indicators database this handbook provides a comprehensive listing of the most widely used indicators for evaluating family planning programs in developing. This is not harmful, although may be inconvenient for some women.

Purpose of this tool this flipchart is a tool to use during family planning counselling or in. Female abdominal, laparoscopic, and hysteroscopic 0. She is thinking about starting a family planning method, but she has some fears about it. World health organization, department of reproductive health and research, and johns hopkins university, bloomberg school of public health, center for communication programs, family planning.

During breastfeeding, antiretroviral arv therapy for the. Divided into three main sections, it follows chronological age up to the menopause covering areas such as the embryological development. For three days, more than 1,300 researchers, program managers, and ministry of health family planning officials from across the globe generated momentum to push the enormous unmet need for family planning into the forefront of broader health agendas. Updated to include expanded contraceptive coverage and new guidelines from the world health organization, the 2018.

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